Eidolon is proud of the many long-term relationships we’ve developed since 1987. Because we partner exclusively with clients whose missions are consistent with our own values and interests, we deliver services, ideas, and results that reflect a true enthusiasm for – and understanding of – your goals.

Our Values

We’re in this industry for a reason: to do good, do well, and change our world for the better.


We get what you do, how you talk about it, why it matters, and who it matters to. And we do our homework to make sure we keep getting it right.


Ask our clients: we join your team as invested colleagues and problem-solvers, committed to you, your organization, your mission, your donors, and the integrity of all we do.


We plan with insight and rigor, to keep your programs performing, growing, and on the leading edge of persuasion and best practices.


We work well with vendor partners, in a spirit of cooperation and a shared sense of purpose - your purpose.


We spend client resources wisely and with discipline, and work with maximum efficiency to meet schedules and get the most of every production dollar.


We believe successful campaigns are grounded in credibility and respect for the donor. We write to, not at them, because they are people, not line items.

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